hello to the team

Getting to know us will be something that you can experience from EtaporamaXplore Team. Each member has a different character that may interest you to get along with. Each background will give you such curiosity since we are all not only compelling through out the passion but we also have a resemblance desire to share you a meaningful journey together. Within EtaporamaXplore, you will find a growing compendium of a travel journey, future tourist hotspots, meet interesting local people in every cities that we visited and capturing natural beauty from around the world .

Yes ! We are gladly having you here to stick around !


Rama (Jamal Ramadhan)

Rama has leave his oilfield job behind to find another experiences that came along with his passion. He feels that there's a lot of people who do traveling only getting the satisfaction for the sake of their self supremacy instead absorbing the experience that will lead to develop well-being. So he was decided to put some destinations that (hopefully) will level up travel experiences. His photography and articles has been published on a nation wide media such as: Kompas, Panorama Magazine, Aplaus Magazine and won a photography competition held by Berghaus. His willingness to share a new way of traveling has lead him to build EtaporamaXplore.

Griska (Griska Rezza Gunara)

Besides the capability to capture moments and to be visually expanded, her way of seeing things are one of the greatest strength in her personality. A friendly companion has lead her to cope up herself among generations. Her experiences in handling local and international events has brought her to become one of the only woman who supporting Hendra Wijaya along Sumatra trail, to prove her fitness level towards adventurous activities as well as managing schedule just in time. She was also contributing in some digital travel media. She is now building a self development training which called Seeing Through Lens. 

Yane (Yane Azizah)

A cheerful lady who loves explore new things. Finding best deals and doing travel research is part of her daily life. Food hunting, socio-politic and architectural bug made her to chase as far as possible toward some destinations. Yet, many of her decisions has became a future hot spots to many of Indonesian travellers.  

Rudy (Rudy Goenawan)

A such conservative guy who started to travel when he was young. His outlook of travelling style through years has been an advantage for the team. His capability to manage his own graphic design and printing business line has brought us into a valuable professional ethics. Photography and road trips is a reliever for his bustling daily life, both nature and cityscape.